Used ( Refurbished ) Concrete Brick Making Machine

We are committed to consistently providing quality concrete paving and briquette production for you, including various types such as decorative paving stone, concrete brick , pumice brick, wall blocks, grass stone, decorative crushed concrete block, hollow block, patterned block, etc.

Our concrete paving and briquette vibrating machines are designed to meet the specific expectations of your projects in the construction sector. These machines have been developed in accordance with the durability and technical, economic and environmental requirements of your geographical region.

Our successful collaboration with many of the world’s best concrete briquette and cobblestone operators is directly related to the variety and performance of our machines. We reorganize these machines as overhauls in our production facilities.

With our various paving and briquette production machines, such as briquette and decorative paving, you have the possibility to change the molds. This allows you to produce many different types of decorative parquet and briquettes for your garden, courtyard, terrace, paths, etc.
Our commitment to the quality and performance of our briquette and decorative paving machines is particularly focused on the expectations of investors in the construction sector, aiming to offer long-term profitability, durability and unmatched quality.

Whether new or second-hand, automatic or manual, our machines guarantee reliable performance at an affordable cost. We provide operators with a high level of certified training and ensure that your machine is environmentally friendly.

In addition, our customer service is always ready to help to ensure your continuous operation with spare parts.
We are widely distributed in Europe (France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, UK, Switzerland, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, etc.), America (USA, Brazil, Canada, etc.), Asia (Australia, India, China, Philippines, Japan, etc.), Africa (Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Burkina Faso, Japan, etc.). ), in Africa (Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Togo, Benin, Djibouti, Chad, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Madagascar, Mauritania, Comoros, etc.) or elsewhere, we easily install your machine in a few days.
Visit our factory in Trabzon to discover our quality parquet and cobblestone production machines. Transform your business today with VARIANT MACHINE’s reliable and affordable machines! Contact us now to discuss your unique needs.

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